10.Deinosuchus (ATK:30,000) Deinosuchus was a large 36 ft alligator that lived with the dinosaurs. It hunted almost everything: from Parasaurolophus,to even Edmontosaurus.

9.Spinosaurus (ATK:45,000) Spinosaurus was as long as 50 ft long. It used its crocodile-like mouth to hunt fish,like Ochropitis,the large 20 ft saw fish.

8.Tylosaurus (ATK:50,000) Tylosaurus was 40 to 50 ft long. It had a strong bite force and very sharp teeth.

7.Spinosaurus Aegypitcus (ATK:60,000) Spinosaurus Aegypitcus was almost the same as Spinosaurus. Except,that it was much more stronger and bigger. It was 60 ft long.

6.Volcano Spinosaurus (ATK:190,000,SPECIAL ATK:200,000) Volcano Spinosaurus LOVES to drink or swim in lava. It also likes volcanoes.

5.T-rex (ATK WITH 5,000 ATK/S POISON:200,000) T-rex is thought to be the king and largest meat eating dinosaur. Wrong. It was 50 ft. But size don't matter, it was still deadly.

4.Megalodon (ATK:250,000) Megalodon was the largest carnivorous shark ever. It's bite force was as strong as 18,600 pounds! (18.6 tons) Thats as much as 6 and a half african elephants stacked together!

3.Giganotosaurus (ATK:220,000,SPECIAL ATK:440,000) Giganotosaurus has the special ability to summon another of it self to help fight in battle. So,its like 2 Giganotosaurus combined: 220,000x2= 440,000.

2.Helicorpion (ATK:200,000,SPECIAL ATK:INFINITE!!!) Helicoprion's saw-like jaw allowed it to slice prey in HALF. But: it had a 2% chance it would use its special ATK.

THE MOST POWERFUL DINO EVER:1. Indominus Rex (ATK:10,500,000) Indominus Rex was actually Ankylosaurus,Hadrosaurus,Spinosaurus,T-rex,and Ceratosaurus all combined. EXCEPT:It's 20x deadlier then all those dinosaurs combined. HURRY GO GET THIS DINOSAUR NOW. ONLY 1 CAN BE CAUGHT! TO CATCH IT: BUT IF SOME ONE DIDNT CATCH IT BY ITS NAME SHOULD SAY NPC_Catch!! HURRY. 1ST: FIND IT 2ND: KILL IT. 3RD: have fun killing adult t-rexes by touching them with your pinky