This dinosaur looks sick. It's a T-rex holding a pickaxe,with and also: IT IS WEARING OBSIDIAN ARMOR. Yup - It comes with obsidian armor. It can mine out ANYTHING,like Obsidian to make obsidian armor. And it mines 5x faster then Mine-a-Saurus, and has more HP,ATK,and speed. Also, find it hurry in the game as only ONE!! can be caught. GUESS WHAT: Player Mahdi caught it! Have fun literally sweating your butt off looking for this bad boy. AND!: It can generate up to 999 GOOGOL MOHAMEDBUCKS!!! MORE THEN MINE-A-SAURUS 999 MORE TIMES! It's mohamedbucks can also be used to buy DINOSAURS!!




Special: mines anything,mines 5x faster then Mine-a-saurus,can generate up to 999 googol mohamed bucks,while Mine-a-saurus generates up to 1 googol. and its mohamedbucks can buy dinosaurs.

hurry go find it before some one else does. It also came out in the newest update