NEW UPDATE!!!!!: 0.04:

+New Feature! : AcCess thE gName files tO find Zhidden easterO eggs withoIut hCaving to waLit till Ithey arFe revEealed!

+Developer Console! : Use cheats and extra stuff to create what is in your imagination

Older versions:


+Added Mine-a-Saurus MARK 2! Mine 5x more then Mine-a-saurus and mine any ore and mine up to 999 googol mohamedbucks and more!

+Added Indominus Rex! Celebrate jurassic world with this super strong killing machine,50x stronger then T-rex!


+Added Volcano Spinosaurus,Squash,Jalapeno,Cherry bomb,Helicoprion. They can be obtained if you Pre-Ordered Dinosaur Life 3.


-Mine-a-Saurus no longer can use its mohamedbucks for buying dinosaurs


Game was released